If we know the following information, we can provide You with an accurate price offer.


In the event of residential area logging the price shall prevail 10% of the damage that can be caused. Hereafter, the price depends on the type of wood, size (age), health, and last but not least the work place (risk factors: buildings, roofs, fences, overhead cables, high voltage pylons, cables), as well as the technology used and work equipment. With questions or price requests, please turn to my team who will be happy to help.

  • felling, cutting in forest
  • felling, cutting in residential area
  • logging dangerous trees                                      
  • with alpine technology
  • with a boom vehicle
  • twig cutting, pruning
  • crown stubbing and forming
  • block digging (root removal)
    • manually or with work machine


II. Other work:

  • boom vehicle (20m high)
  • green waste, branch loading and transport
    • above 2m3 – 4m3 also
  • branch shredding
  • work area rehabilitation

Other costs:

  • call-out fee: free within a 10 km district
  • site survey
  • price offer: free
  • forestry expertise


We provide significant discount (10 %) for municipalities, public institutions, churches, other social organisations, state or locally managed nature reserves and natural parks.

We can provide further discounts for the above mentioned organisations and other natural or legal entities in case of ordering more services and/or contracting for higher volume and longer-term.